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Alexa Rankings 2015: Its Pros, Cons & How to Increase

Alexa Ranking 2015 is an important metrics for checking out the popularity of a website. Almost all of the digital marketing professionals understand and pay importance to the Alexa ranking of a website.

Alexa which is a subsidiary company of Amazon has a tool bar for all the major browsers. The toolbar contains search box, amazon links, pop up blocker, Alexa home page and show the Alexa ranking of the website being viewed. Alexa Traffic Rank is calculated based on the history of 3 months of data collected from the users of the toolbar. The two important ranking factors are – the number of times a website is being viewed and their page views.

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When you put any domain name into website, it tells us the current ranking data for the site. Each site has a ranking number, engagement metrics like bounce rates, the keywords for which it is ranking, and the region from which the users are coming from. For website ranking below 1, 00,000 it shows a relative comparison graph.

Pros and Cons of Alexa Rankings


One of the most important things which I always do when doing a competitive analysis is check for the competitor website on I check the ranking, the keywords they are getting traffic from among other things.But while doing competitor research you must always keep in mind that the sample size of the data they have is quite small.

Alexa Ranking data also comes in handy on deciding whether you are going to purchase a particular website.

The rankings are also important when you are deciding on buying advertisement space on a particular website. It also helps to show your website’s worth when you are selling advertisement space on your website. The lower the rank, the more money you can ask for ads.
Many Ads network like BuySellAds approves your websites only if you have a good Alexa Traffic ranking.


As already mentioned Alexa ranks depends on its toolbar so there may be incorrect data for the sites which are not viewed from the toolbars.
There are many theories regarding the accuracy of the Alexa Traffic, many saying that Alexa Traffic can be manipulated by black hat methods.
Alexa ranking is available only for the top level domain, there is no data for subdomain or subpages.


How to improve the Alexa Rankings

Use Alexa toolbar: It goes without saying that installing Alexa toolbar will increase your Alexa traffic rank. Ask your friends, relatives to install Alexa toolbar and set your website as homepage. You may also visit cybercafés and install the toolbar and set your website as homepage on the website.

Using Widget: Many say, it’s a myth that using a widget will help your Alexa rankings but it’s definitely worth a try. If you are using WordPress as your platform you can easily download a plugin from here and can install a widget in your website.

Alexa Reviews: Alexa has introduced this feature where a user can give a review about a particular website. You can ask your friends and users to give you a review about your website on Alexa.

Regular updates:

You should regularly update your website content to achieve a ranking boost on Alexa. There is no fixed frequency but you should aim for a daily update.

Writing about Alexa:


If you blog about traffic then better keep a category about Alexa. There are many bloggers who write about Alexa and your blog about Alexa might just give you a few genuine backlinks.

Claiming your blog
Claiming your blog is very simple. You just need to sign up or login using Facebook and claim your blog by uploading a simple txt file.

Network on Webmaster Forums:

Become a member of webmaster forums and write on some topics which excite the community and promote it on those forums. There is very high chance of the webmasters using Alexa toolbar and thus promoting your website on those forums will give your website ranking a boost.

Update your User & Blog info:

It is recommended to update your user and blog information on the website.

We have understood how the websites are ranked by Alexa, the advantages and disadvantages of Alexa ranking and what the different ways to increase the rankings are. It goes without saying that the accuracy of Alexa rankings is not completely accurate but still it remains a very important metric to measure a website’s popularity.

August 2, 2015

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