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BDE Drive Removal

Before I talk about the BDEDrive partition let’s talk about the older version of system reserved partition which was called as EISA partition.

Prior Windows 7 Operation System (Windows Server 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows Server 2003) has system reserved partition called as EISA



EISA Partition is usually put on by the pc manufacturer and contains your recovery files to enable you to restore the pc to its normal working condition without having to completely reinstall should you have problems.

You can also check out How to delete EISA partition?

Now we are moving in newer version of Operating system as Windows 7/ Windows Server 2008 in that they have put new “system reserved” partition called “BDEDrive” on the same disk as the OS Partition by default. After an MDT image deployment this partition appears at the END of the drive

BDE partition can be outright disabled if you have no intentions of utilizing bitlocker in the future:

DoNotCreateExtraPartition = YES

And that to your customsettings.ini to disable it

Lets See — how we can start our act to remove BDEDrive?


You need to open command prompt with Administrator

bcdboot c:windows /s c:


After this you need to select the Partition C : as an active partition

for that you need to go to diskpart


Then Select the Disk 0 which holds the volume C: and by following above steps you need to select the correct partion

BDEDriver00bList part will show you that you have slelected correct partion – just to verify and after that you will set the Partition 1 as Active partition for booting the server.

Reboot the Server

Once the Server is up – then you need to follow below setps

BDEDriver02then select the disk 0


List disk will show the indication that you have selected the correct disk

BDEDriver05then select part – Here we will select the BDE Drive


Now run command ” delete part” will delete the 300 MB of BDE Drive 🙂

Now if you want you can extend the C drive with the free space

Thanks all put your comments

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