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How to Create a Facebook Page? Tutorial

Do You Know – How to Create a Facebook Page? This was asked by someone as they are going to setup a new Business. As the social media is been very important boosting your Business or Website, so you cannot ignore social media sites to make presence.

Why Facebook Page?

And we all know about Facebook. How they grown over the past few years – which is giving us great platform to get into an arena, were so many new clients are looking solutions or services over the internet.
You can broadcast any message to Facebook Page as News / Discounts / Offers or any new solution which you have shared on your website or blog.

So see the Step by Step Video – How to create a Facebook Page?


Also do share and let me know where you get stuck and also let me know any query you have which is not been covered on this video. So that I can create another video to cover up those queries to share with you all.

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