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Do You Know SEO Vs Google Adwords?

Do You Know SEO vs Google Adwords? There are mainly two ways of getting traffic to your website from Google- by SEO & Adwords. You have probably heard of them but don’t know much which would be appropriate for marketing your website.
By reading this article I hope you will be able to understand the difference between the two and which among them would be the correct marketing method to increase your online presence, generate leads or increase sales.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is optimizing your website for the Organic results. Google don’t take payments for the organic results but shows the results based on  its algorithm which depends on many factors like quality content and popularity of the website. It is a myth that SEO is FREE. Although you don’t have to pay Google for the links clicked but you definitely have to pay with time and money for achieving and maintaining the ranks for your targeted keywords. You have to either have an In house SEO team or outsource to any SEO Company. Either way, you will be spending a certain amount   of money per month depending upon the competition of the keywords you are targeting.

SEO Vs Google Adwords
SEO Vs Google Adwords

Adwords is the advertising program of Google and it shows its results at the top and right hand side on the Search page distinguished by “Ads” written in yellow. You have to pay for the keywords to be shown on Google’s Adowrds results. The budget is flexible depending completely on how much you want to spend per day, the keywords you are bidding.

Ideally, you should be looking to complement your SEO campaign with Adwords program. If your website is new, then Adwords helps not only in getting you targeted traffic but also help you in researching which are the relevant keywords for your website. This is turn helps your SEO effort. If you have a nicely crafted landing page and you provide great value on that page and you drive traffic through Adwords it may also happen that the page you are promoting become viral and this in turn will help your SEO.

SEO should be the preferred way to promote when your service/product keywords search volume is large and you should target other keywords which has lesser search related to your targeted keywords in Adwords program. Whether you will be doing SEO or Adwords will also depend upon the price of the product or service you are selling and the number of leads you require per month.

SEO takes a lot of time and in most cases more than 6 months is needed for the keywords to be ranked and bring you targeted traffic. And even after that it takes a constant effort to maintain your rankings. Adwords on the other hand can be set up and running within a few minutes and can be put on or off as your choice. With the right quality score and budget you can be in the first page of Google within an hour.

SEO Vs Google Adwords
SEO Vs Google Adwords

SEO gives you a long term benefits for once ranked and with some effort you will continue getting visitors but if you completely stop doing SEO your ranks will definitely drop. In Adwords as you switch off your campaign, you stop getting traffic.

In SEO, you can only target certain keywords while there is no surety a user will be targeting those keywords too for finding your product or services. But in Adwords there is almost complete assurance of your ads being shown for you can target variation of your keywords.

Adwords results being shown on the top has definitely an advantage over the Organic results.

Adwords can also pinpoint your ads to certain geographical regions and user demographics.

Adwords are the best way of gaining traffic for seasonal products or services. So for seasonal products or services you can target getting visitors by Adwords.

With Adwords you can also show your ads on a variety of Google products like YouTube, Google partner websites and thus your ads can be highly targeted. You can also target visitors who have visited your website by re targeting method.

As we have seen both Adwords and SEO require money and effort. When employed correctly, both of them can complement each other nicely. Through both of them you can increase leads and can convert those leads into sales. What you need to analyses however is your marketing goal, your budget and what method is going to give maximum ROI.

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