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How to create GPT Disk?

Today I would like to pick an example where I am going to create a GPT DISK on windows server 2003. GPT is GUID partition table and generally we use it in case we have request from Application owner to create a new volume above 2 TB (terabyte). I will show you the steps how I have created a spanned volume and set the disks to GPT Disk so that we can create a volume above 2 TB (terabyte). Please note we always need to think for future prospects as well. As it’s an Application Database volume in near future it may go further and for that we must use GPT Disk to form the volume.

Before I move forward I would like you guys to show the layout of the MBR partition style


The following diagram from the Microsoft TechNet Library provides an example of a typical MBR disk layout


Also we will also look out the Layout of GPT Disk

The following diagram from the Microsoft TechNet Library provides an example of a typical GPT disk layout


Now in this scenario we have 15 LUN’s from SAN Storage and its size is 135 GB each and as per the Application owners request we need to form a volume which will be about 2TB (terabyte) or more.

135 GB X 15 = 2025 GB which is beyond 2 TB

So we will convert the disks to GPT disks so that we can create a volume over 2 TB which is not possible in MBR Disk.


Disks are are Basic and they are in MBR by deafult (this is a view from Disk Management)


Now i will right click on the disk and convert them to Dynamic from Basic as we are going to create a spanned volume.


You need to select the disks which you want to convert from Basic to Dynamic

GPT-disks-06After this Disks are converted to Dynamic


Now we will convert the Disks from MBR to GPT Disk


In this above image you can see that star mark under Dynamic Disk and GPT Disk on Disk 8 after converting all the disks to GPT Disk.


Now we will create the new volume a wizard will open -> click next


by deafault simple volume is sellected we need to select spanned volume as in the below image


Now click Next


Now you need to add the disks one by one and click next


select the drive letter and click next

GPT-disks-14click next

GPT-disks-15all done click finish

GPT-disks-16now volume is created


You are done – please put comments thanks




June 4, 2013

2 responses on "How to create GPT Disk?"

  1. do not mix MBR Disk and GPT Disk to make a single volume… its important.

  2. GPT Disk is more powerfull than Basic Disk, if you are working larg volumes then you must use GPT Disk.

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