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How to failover cluster groups from command line?

Failover Cluster Group from command line is need, by default in Windows Server 2008.  Default Cluster Group can only be Failover from a command line. So the only option is to do the Failover Cluster Group from command line to do the things manually.

One Day I got a Call from one of the student and he is working in his Organization and they were building SQL MS Cluster (Failover Cluster) and he needs to move the cluster disk to other node vice versa for SQL installation, so what is the way to do that ?

Again we need to Failover Cluster Group from command line and also Failover Available Storage from command line so, Lets see how we can do this …

So we can use PowerShell or Command Line

So basically there are two ways we can move either the “Cluster Group” or the “Available Storage” groups between nodes of the cluster.

1st way is PowerShell cmlet

Move-ClusterGroup “Cluster Group”


Move-ClusterGroup “Available Storage”

2nd option is to use cluster.exe in command line

Cluster group “Cluster Group” /move


Cluster group “Available Storage” /move

In case we have more than two nodes then you can use below commands


move-ClusterGroup –node NodeName

Where Node Name is where you want to move the group.

Command Line:

cluster group “Cluster Group” /Move:NodeName

You just need to use your Server Name which is member of Cluster in Node name section, share your views and let me know if anything else needs to add in.

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