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How to kill terminal sessions remotely from CLI?

I got a call this morning – just let me correct it was early morning as I am on call for any windows escalation issues. One of our junior engineers called me up and he was stuck in one old 2k server machine (Windows 2000 Server Family).

kill session remotely01

He was unable to login to the box by any mean neither from RDP as its shows its shows maximum session exceeds and also ILO was not working…  (ILO – Integrated light Out for Managing the Server Remotely from a different channel).

I have asked him to use GUI utility call TSADMIN – but again he was not able to manage that server from that as well as it was showing not managed.

Then I went to old school basics as we used to do kill sessions remotely from CLI – Let’s see how we can kill a terminal session remotely from CLI?

You need to login to any other box which is in a same network and you are logged into that machine with login credentials which has same privilege to other box which you want to manage.

Open Command Prompt

query session /server:servername

kill session remotely02

This above command will show you up the list of session which are there on the server.

reset session [ID] /server:servername

kill session remotely03In this case i have picked the session 9 and let see the result after i kill the session

kill session remotely04

Now you can see i can not see the session 9 as it was killed in the above last action – now lets free up the anothere session shows us as session ID 6

kill session remotely05

Thanks Guys now you can see sessions are free now – and he was able to login now

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  1. This is a old school stuff 🙂

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