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How to Reach First 100$ Mark in AdSense? – Updated

I have reached my First 100$ and Get paid from Google AdSense in a Year Time. Let’s see How to Reach How to Reach First 100$ Mark in AdSense? Making Extra Cash is a dream of everyone and Google AdSense is a great system from which you can also make lots of money online.

The Secrete Key is you must follow the rules from Google AdSense and create a system which will make you earn money ethically which will build a solid platform for you. So that you can make money, I mean lots of Money for long period of time.

I have Joined a Google AdSense program in year 2008 by mistake and it got approved as well – but I was not aware of the power of this great System. Due to which I lost so much valuable time and which is really bad for me. There was no one who can guide me and then in Year 2013 – I was looking for from which I can make money online as I was going through some financial crunch.

Then I found some blogs about Google AdSense Program from which you can make good money and I was lucky that my Google AdSense Account was approved.  Now I need to Learn Method from which I need to apply so that I can get some Money online.

It was simple rule – use the power of your interest and best method was you need to pick a Topic and write some articles which can help others and in those blog articles we will place some Google AdSense Add Units. On the Basis of views and clicks we will get our earning from Google AdSense.

First Payment

google first 100$
google first 100$

Second Payment

How to Reach First 100$ Mark in AdSense
How to Reach First 100$ Mark in AdSense

Third payment – Latest

How to Reach First 100$ Mark in AdSense
How to Reach First 100$ Mark in AdSense

And Now i am Running Really Fast – Lets See How?


First Step – Google AdSense Earning First 100$

We need pick a Topic on which you write and give solutions to the peoples and you need to be confident and must have interest in that Topic. Otherwise you may lose tempo very easily as this is system on which you can make good amount of money – buts it’s not a quick make money program.

Second Step – Google AdSense Earning First 100$

Then you need to pick which Platform you will use to build your Own Blog or a Website. We need to have online website or a blog on which we can write some articles, frankly sharing to you I have wasted lots of time getting free stuff in the internet and I will assure you.

Pick WordPress it’s a Free Platform on which you can build awesome Blogs in 5-10 mins of Time– if you want to go for long term plans on this and if you are serious then you must go for your own website or Blog which is hosted somewhere you get Good Hosting Services (HOW TO START A BLOG – A COMPLETE BEGINNER’S GUIDE)

I know what will work for you and if you need free help you are welcome and I will let you know – How to Setup things for you? Get Help

  • You need A Topic on which you can write up a Blog posts on which we can place our Google AdSense Adds.
  • We Need a Domain Name – Which Represents Our Brand & Topic which we have picked
  • Blogging Platform – WordPress (Don’t Worry I have done lots of research)
  • Great Hosting Services – Get Best Hosting Offers

That Set, You are ready – for Next Step

Check out Few Blogs You Might Like to have Look before You Choose Your Webhost

How Free Hosting does affect Google Search? Cheap Hosting Review

How Longs Takes to Earn First 100 Dollars From Google Adsense

Here is the point, I can’t tell how much is the best CPM, it completely depends on your blog niche and traffic source. In my experience and what I read from other blogs, 1.5$ to 2.5$ will be an ordinary CPM currently.

If its less than 1$, then you should improve and concentrate on increasing Google adsense income.

If you are getting around 3$ to 5$ CPM continuously every month, then you doing well, if it is more than 5$, then it is a great CPM rate.

In our case, we will take 2.5$ as average eCPM and to make the calculation easy, we will do it for first 105 dollars.

So, with 2.5$ eCPM to earn 105 dollars, you need 42,000 page impressions.

(1000/2.5)*105 = 42,000

This figure can be less or more for you, because it depends on type visitors, source of traffic and country of origin which make these impressions.

So, lets go to the next step.

When a visitor visits your blog, he or she checks average 1.5 pages on a blog.

To get 42,000 page impressions, you need 28,000 visitors.

(1/1.5) * 70,000 = 28,000

Again, this 28,000 visitors can be from direct, referral, social networking and search engines sources.

Mostly the search engine traffic users (who come from Google, Bing and Yahoo search) will be useful for any CPC programs including Google adsense. Because they are the new users and will possibly click the ads on your website. Your regular visitors and social networking users may not be interested on the ads showing up in your blog.

65% to 75% search engine traffic will be healthy for a blog in my opinion. In this example, we will take 70%.

So, in 28,000 visitors, you need 70% of organic traffic, which is 19,600 visitors

(70/100)*28,000 = 19,600 visitors from Search Engines

Wow, that’s a big number.

Now you can get rough idea based on your average CPM (Also called RPM) and daily search engine traffic to know when you will get the first 100 dollar adsense check.

I have updated few numbers and CPM rates now (compared to previous version of this guide in 2010). Because in my opinion, the potentially of making more money from Google Adsnese has been improved since 2010. There are lot of competitions and bidding among advertisers in Google Adwords market place. That enables bloggers like us to get higher earnings because of higer CPC ( Cost per Click).

If you are getting 100 average daily search engine traffic visitors, then it may take around 6 to 7 months to get your first 100 dollar from adsense.

But one thing, Your blog will not be getting the same 100 daily search engine visitors for next 6 months, it will increase when you update your blog with unique content regularly. So, once you blog properly with correct techniques, then you can reach 19,600 search engine visitors quickly and get your 100 dollars.

Finally, it all depended on your adsense optimization to get high CTR, CPC and CPM, organic traffic and keyword selection. But to know these techniques, it will take some time for new bloggers.

If you think this calculation is wrong, feel free to share the reason. I would also like hear from anyone who is not able make money online I will try my best to assist you further to help – Get Help

Have a nice blogging.


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