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IBM Storage Simulator Download

If you are looking forward to learn/ teach IBM Storage these IBM Storage Simulators will help you with you can download them for Free of Cost

IBM Storage Simulator Download

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IBM Storage Simulator Download – DS4K/DS5K

IBM Storage Simulator Download – DS3K/4K/5K

Please make a Note of Below Statement for these IBM Storage Simulators

The Storage Manager simulators are tools that were developed for validation of the interface.  As such, the simulators are not flawless in their representation of the product (some things are not the same as in real life).  The simulators do provide three primary benefits:

1) Show how easy the systems are to manage (sales),

2) Help customers “play” with a system without using production equipment

3) Script development outside of a production environment.

Also you guys let me know if you need any more IBM Storage Simulator for older versions





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1 responses on "IBM Storage Simulator Download"

  1. Hi!

    Is there an Simulator for DS3500 ? – All of those are “only” for DS3200/3300/3400/4700/5000…..

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