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What is Identity Management (idM) System? – Forfront Identity Manager

Let’s discuss about Identity Management (idM) System – although if we talk about a product from Microsoft then it would be a package known as Forefront Identity Manager.

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What is Identity Management System?

Identity Management System is a way we can keep and manage information about objects (any things in the Organization). This is usually people (but also computers, departments, printers, etc.) and mostly employees (but also contacts, customers, etc.).

Let’s Talk about Identity then it will more clearly to you guys

What is an Identity?

An identity is the summary of information about objects of interest, that is people, groups, or other resources such as computers and printers—or anything about which you wish to store data. This data is referred to as being contained in objects or resources. These objects are typically contained in different, and often incompatible, data stores—directories and databases—throughout an organization.

Identity Information Examples

Examples of identity data attributes associated with person object types include names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and job titles. A group object type might include a member list attribute; a computer object type might include a domain attribute; an application identity object type might include the network addresses where clients can find servers, or a list of services that applications can provide; a printer object type might include a location attribute, and so on.

As mentioned above, not all the objects an organization may be interested in managing are person object types. You can, in principle, represent any object type you require in this solution, be it users, computers, applications, and so on. It is certainly true that person object types are the predominant interest, and there are often different flavors of person objects, too, such as those that represent different clients or customers or perhaps even different roles in a single organization.

Hope Now You can get: What is Identity Management (idM) System? Let me know if you have any query for me will look forward to answer them.

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