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Let’s Know About Amazon Dash – Amazon Dash is Now Available

Let’s Know About Amazon Dash – Amazon Dash is Now Available – When Amazon launched the Dash Buttons on 31st March ,2015 it was taken as an April Fool prank only to be found true. Since then the dash buttons – which makes it easy to order essential household items from selected brands literally with the press of a button only selected few Amazon Prime members had access   to this button by invitation. But after the trial of almost 4 months the dash buttons of selected brands are now available to all Amazon Prime members for purchase at 4.99 $ each and you can select from the  brands that are currently  there.

Amazon Dash
Amazon Dash

Dash buttons are a pretty cool concept by Amazon. The buttons which are used to place orders come with a loop –to hang on a wall and also with a reusable adhesive back if you want to stick it anywhere you want .As for example, you can stick the “Tide” Dash buttons to the wall of the Washing Machine. So, when you know you are running short of the detergent, you just press the dash button and the product is shipped to your home. But you need the Amazon app on your cell phone connected with Wi-Fi to for it to work. Once the device is registered and connected to the app, you just press it to re-order the product. There is an indicator light to indicate if your order was successfully placed. It will blink white and then solid green color for five seconds if the order was successfully placed. Incase of an order failure, there will be a white blinking followed by solid red color for five seconds. The dash button is shipped with a working manual which has all the details if you need any help with the set up or troubleshooting.

amazon dash
amazon dash

If you are worried about kids at home pressing the button repeatedly for fun then you need not worry.
After the order is placed you will get a notification in your app in case you change your mind and want to cancel the order. Also, it is armed with an order protection feature which does not allow you to place a second order until the first order has been shipped.

While the dash buttons seems to be convenient and time saving, there are certain flip sides to it also.
Anyone who is bit acquainted with online shopping and Amazon knows there is almost daily promotional offers on various products on the website. So, if you are pressing the dash button blindly without checking the price on the app you may just be missing out on the best offer and paying more for the same thing you could have bought from the mobile app. While the button is cheap and available for $5, it could have got a larger display so to at least flash the price of the product.

If we compare the dash button vis-à-vis the mobile app, there is no distinct advantage. The dash button requires Wi-fi connectivity so mobile phone will also work where the buttons will work but with the mobile phone you will have more information regarding the product and variety of choices.

While the time will tell if the dash buttons will be a success or a failure but definitely the new brands will feel the pinch if dash buttons really become popular. To begin with Amazon has tied up with 18 brands – Smartwater, Tide , Bounty, Larabar, L’Oreal,  Glad, Clorox, Gatorade, Cottonelle ,Maxwell House, Izze, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Olay, Gillette, Gerber, Huggies and Wellness. So, the amazon dash button will tie the customers to these brands and the new brands competing with the above brands in the e-commerce space will obviously find it more difficult. May be we will see some more technological innovations from other brands to keep up with the challenge.

Amazon Dash at amazon
Amazon Dash at amazon
July 31, 2015

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