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How to Move from Desktop Support to Server Support? – IT Job Trick

How to Move from Desktop Support to Server Support? It’s a very important Question for the Engineer, who as spend some time in Desktop Support and now they are looking forward to Transition their Skills and Job to New Profile as Server Support Engineer.

You need to do lots or hard work to achieve this new profile as Server Support Engineer or in Other words System Administrator.

My Goal is to let you know How to Get a New Job as Server Support Engineer but in less time rather waiting for Year or so.

If you are serious on putting your 100% efforts to get the new Job position then let me share some things which you need to be a Server Support Engineer. Join me – IT Forum

Traditional Method – Move from Desktop Support to Server Support

Pick a Technology in Our Case is Operating System Support Windows Server & Server Hardware Support

  • Study about the Technology which you have picked (Self Study / Join an Institute)
  • Build up your Communication Skills
  • Get some Practical Knowledge – Building Your Home LAB
  • Go for JOB Interviews for Position Server Support Engineer and give your best Effort.

Hope you guys are already doing this and you may get some success in Life. But I know percentage is very low following this methods and there are so many challenges for the candidate.

Let’s Hack this Traditional Method and Produce 100% of the Result – I would happy to work with you and tech you Step by Step Work through and One on One Session Join me – IT Forum

Study Technology – Very Important Point

Knowledge about the Technology is must (It’s Base of the Whole Program) and until gain this doesn’t move to Next Step.

As You are Desktop Engineer on a Company – You must know basic Troubleshooting of Desktop OS and now You need to Focus on Server OS.

Let’s Pick Few Common issues for sake of Learning Server Performance issue – Common Tickets which we get the Organization like High Memory/ High CPU / Network Utilization

How to Learn About this Issues – Lets Pick High Memory issue

Go to Google and Type “ High Windows Server Memory issue Forum”

Then there will be some list in Google and now you can go to the web search result and get for the solution in the forum and if you feel that you have any query which needs to be Addressed, then signup to the Forum and post your query in the same thread.

Like this Method – Pick more topics and build your knowledge base.

More methods – I will teach you but you need prove that you have done this above steps and help to get the success.

Improve Environmental Knowledge

Ok this can be tricky depends on Your current Working Environment – I have seen people working in a Organization where they can get engaged in some knowledge sharing but they don’t see the opportunities which they are losing and wasting their time.

Let’s say you are Working as Desktop Engineer and you can spare 1 hour in a Day and sit with a person who is working in Server Support in Your Organization and ask him about 3 Issues which he has fixed and if possible ask him to show you the methods which he follows by taking screenshots while he was doing the stuff.

If not then Again follow the 1st method look in Google and you get the steps to solve the issue which you get from your co-member who is involved in Windows Server Support.

Let’s say you have work on this method for 20 days – that means 3 X 20 is 60 Environmental Issues and now you know how to work on them visually as well.

This will boost your Confidence attending the Interview for Server Support Engineer.

How to Get a Job

Ok Now I will tell You How to Grab a Server Support Engineer Job – it’s easy make your CV and Remove all Desktop Related Roles and Responsibilities and Replace them with Windows Server Support Jobs and Responsibilities.

Nothing wrong in that, as you know the Stuff and that You will prove that during the interview process.  Ok so be confident and look for Top Companies who has some Walk-In Interviews

When you go their Make Sure you try to memorize each and every question is asked – just keep in mind you are still in the last process of learning where you are building the your knowledge in terms of cracking the Interview.

Quick Hack Tips: Start recording on your smartphone during the Interview process just for your reference if possible.

Within 3 Strike You will Get your New Job – You still face any issue you can let me know your problem or stuckup point I will help you to resolve your issues. Join me – IT Forum

Hope this article is informative and I will be a workshop about this and let me know your issues in my forum so that I can help more people with robust solution which I have to get them new job as Server Support Engineer.

Know You Know – How to Move from Desktop Support to Server Support?


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