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Ractiv Touch+ Turns any surface into multi touch in just 75$

Gadget Hunt never get completes when think about something new and a devices ready to buy out and this time its Ractiv Touch+ Turns any surface into multi touch in just 75$ and it’s your time move grab now…

Ractiv Touch+ starting by Haptix and now been formed as Ractiv as they have promised a cheap sensor that would turn any surface into a muti-touch for your devices it can be PC /Laptop or Tablet and I would say any supported devices. Ractiv Touch+ making good on its word today by shipping the magic devices worldwide. The $75 add-on has received a new Touch+ name and a sleek redesign, but it otherwise uses the same basic concepts we saw when the project got its crowdfunding a year ago. Put the device on a desktop stand or a laptop and its dual cameras turn your finger movements into gestures; you can play a first-person shooter by swiping across your keyboard, or sketch in Photoshop using your desk as a drawing tablet.


Ractiv Touch+
Ractiv Touch+

Essentially, it’s a pairing of two normal cameras and the company’s software algorithm to create a 3D sensor capable of tracking your hand movements, thereby allowing you to control your computer. Handily, it doesn’t require any custom-coded apps, and supports OS X, Windows and iOS devices. Support for Linux devices and Android smart TVs is on the way.

Lai Xue, Ractiv’s Co-Founder, explains: “The inspiration for Touch+ came from using a laptop on a bus and wondering what it would be like to have multitouch on the keyboard all the time so our hands wouldn’t have to keep moving all over the place – which, needless to say, is tricky in a confined space.”

Ractiv Touch+
Ractiv Touch+

All you need is plug Ractiv Touch+ into your devices like Laptop or PC and then point to a location where you want use as touch pad most amazingly it does sense you movement  gestures and touch on the air before touching the surface. You just need to swipe your fingers and this amazing multitouch devices can sense the gestures, reacts and work on apps like Google Earth, Photoshop, Games and many more. It also comes with a little stand, allowing you to turn any surface into your ‘mouse.’

Yes you say this as a modern day mouse as its fits in your pocket at just 75$ Ractiv Touch+

Ractiv Touch+ 1
Ractiv Touch+ 1


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