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Sony Finally Kills Betamax – 40 Years Later

Sony Finally Kills Betamax, it’s been 40 Years long run for them… Betamax: it’s been the name which is known over a decades-worth of VHS-Center comedy bits and most format wars. However, Sony Beta cassettes can still be bought in Japan.

Now Sony’s announced that it’s finally, finally, finally stop selling the cassettes. No need to rush to Tokyo just yet, as you still have until next March to buy-up all the Betamax supplies you’ll never need — including a cleaning tape. It’s also dropping its MicroMV camcorder tapes In a bid to… make space in the warehouse, we guess.

Beta video cassette “EL-500B”, “500MHGB”

Sony Finally Kills Betamax
Sony Finally Kills Betamax


Micro MV cassette “MGR60”

Sony Finally Kills Betamax
Sony Finally Kills Betamax

Sony in March 2016 with a, we will end the shipment of beta video cassette and micro cassette MV.

Beta video cassette is a recording medium of magnetic tape recording method “Betamax format,” which was developed towards the video recording applications for the home, we have been producing since 1975. Production of same-format video tape recorder equipment has been completed in 2002.

Micro MV cassettes, in the recording tape media of digital video camera recording method “micro MV format”, the production of the same format compatible video camera has been completed in 2005. As a result, the recording media of the Betamax format in our company, and shipping of the recording medium of the micro MV format, it will be all to end.  There is also a case to terminate the previous plan period by the demand situation.

Sony Finally Kills Betamax
Sony Finally Kills Betamax

Soucrce : Sony Japan

November 10, 2015

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